Support the Power of Play

Games let us form lasting, fulfilling friendships and give us a way to rest and recharge in preparation for our daily work. Games give us meaningful challenges which enrich our critical thinking skills and teamwork ability — or sometimes champion our individuality! We call the combination of all the benefits games have to offer us the "power of play."

As with all things, it is the hard-working people who truly drive the organization forward. But sometimes there are developments that also require a little more funding than we usually receive from the general student fee. Everything from replacing well-loved board games to updating our technology requires that we make careful decisions about how to allocate our budget, and every dollar counts.

You can support the power of play at The University of Toledo by supporting UT-BASH. We are a non-profit student organization dedicated to bringing the power of play to the UT and city of Toledo communities. We will work closely with you to make sure your goods, services, or cash are used in alignment with our goals and your expectations. To learn more information, please email us at, and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Thank you so much for supporting your friendly local gaming club!

Supporter Benefits

We show our appreciation for our supporters by offering small return gifts. Such gifts usually include memberships, free access to our events, invitations to special appreciation events, and family packs for BASHCon (our annual gaming convention). Speak with our representative about the benefits you would like to receive with your support and we will be happy to accommodate you.