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Want to join a group of awesome people who love playing games? We thought so! Here's some information for you, as well as an information request form which you can submit. Once you do, we'll get in contact with you to get you in. Oh, and welcome!

(Nah, I don't want to read anything; where do I sign?)

The Tiered Heavens and the Hierarchy of Angels

We offer three levels of membership. Each level includes the benefits of the previous levels.

New Member Tier
Global eligibility
Requirements: speak with the organization secretary, complete the registration form, sign your membership card
Renews yearly

The New Member Tier is the first step to becoming a voting member of UT-BASH. At this stage, you gain access to exclusive events, volunteer opportunities (and appreciation events!), and a non-voting voice at general meetings. You will receive a membership card. Sign it, and you become an official new member!

Member Tier
Global eligibility
Requirements: reach New Member tier, speak with the organization treasurer, pay dues
Renews yearly

The Member Tier is the most popular membership level. At this stage, you gain access to all of our game cabinets and material, the ability to check out most board games and books, and the ability to serve on committees. The treasurer will sign your membership card, and then you will be two-thirds of the way to becoming a voting member!

Voting Member Tier
University of Toledo eligibility
Requirements: reach Member tier, attend two general meetings
Renews semestrially with a two-week grace period

The Voting Member Tier is the realm of our most dedicated — and most famous — BASH members. At this stage, you gain the right to make motions and vote in general meetings, hold officer positions, and lead committees. After your second meeting ends, ask the secretary to sign your card, and you'll be our newest voting member!

The senior officers of the UT-BASH Executive Board, elected each year in April, automatically receive membership at the Voting Member tier for as long as they serve the organization. The chairperson of the BASHCon Committee, which oversees our flagship gaming convention, also enjoys this privilege.

Honorary Member Tier
Requirements: be selected by majority vote of organization members
Membership for life

"But wait! Didn't you say there were only three levels of membership?" Well, yes and no. The New Member and Member tiers are open to all members of the community, and the Voting Member tier is open to all UT students. But the Honorary Member tier is special. Each year, we vote on whether to name some dedicated community figure our honorary member. People who are chosen are considered by the membership to have exemplified what it means to be a member of UT-BASH, people who have shown exceptional dedication to the organization, its mission, and its philosophy. As far as we know, no current student has ever been selected, but don't let that discourage you! If you remain dedicated to UT-BASH and can find some time to give back, you could be the next honorary member!

The Honorary Member tier is considered to be the same as the Voting Member tier, and you can enjoy its benefits for the rest of your life.

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