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Forbes includes 3 groups in the position: MBA programs run by United States institutions, 1 year MBA programs at institutions based outside the US, and also two-year programs at non-US colleges. IE Business Institution holds the No. 1 position in Spain and also is No. 5 in the 1 year programs outside the United States. The position is based upon the moment needed to recuperate the investment made in the MBA, coupled with the grads' wage progression over the last 5 years.

Forbes is well known for its checklists and also rankings that include its listings of the wealthiest Americans, globe's leading business, and more. The firm also handles an up-to-date web site that permits marketers to release article along with routine editorial material. The internet site employs a contributor design" through which a broad network of contributors creates and also publishes write-ups directly on the website.

In 2004, magnates of openly traded business comprised just 5 percent of the top 0.01 percent of the most affluent people in the United States-- a bit of the population whose participants earned specific wages of at least $7.2 million per year that year. An additional instance: The combined annual revenue of the leading 25 hedge fund financiers surpassed the mixed revenue of the Chief executive officers of the Criterion & Poor's 500 index in 2009.

Drill down a little bit a lot more, and you'll see that information technology is the foundation of 15 percent of the fortunes on the checklist, and that figure in fact underrates the relevance of technology. Rauh as well as Kaplan discovered that on a weighted basis, approximately 25 percent of business owned by the most affluent people had a large technology element.